Whether it is scandinavian freezing temperatures or saharian heat waves, using AR is extreme conditions can be challenging for the user. We strive to find solutions that are low maintenance, easy to use, can be used in any condition whether it is underwater or in a sandstorm. Light weight, providing as long battery life as possible and no dangling cables to fiddle with, find your team through fog or forest, coordinate more effectively and succeed in your mission.


When you need your hands free to operate but still need to view schematics or map layouts to do your job, you need a solution. Whether over a gas mask or a hard-top hat, we can provide drop, dust and waterproof AR solutions to make you more efficient and productive. Whether you need to retrace your steps to find an exit using 3d space mapping in a fire and smoke environment, work in logistics where you need solutions to identify boxes and their content faster or simply find your way in a forest, we strive to develop the right solution for your needs.


AR Software

Our solution offers custom Software development and integration. Depending on the requirements, this service can either be in the form of short-term projects or long-term subscription based.

Hardware Platform

Our solution varies depending on the requests of the customer and needs. When contacting us for a project, consider a list of sensors, ruggedness in regard to water, dust, shock or maximum weight allowed. Does your ideal system need communication to IoT or other systems such as command centers, tablets, radios or phones? What are your Human-Machine Interface needs?
Contact us if you have any questions and we also provide free consultation.

Specs list

Binocular resolution: 1280 x 720 Pixels
Field of View: 40 Degrees minimum
Refresh rate: 60 Hz
Operating System: Linux
Graphical user interface: Qt Supported


Reski Oy is a Finnish start-up company based in Espoo, Finland. We are developing a Tactical Augmented Reality platform aimed towards Defense and industry.

With an abundance of sensors and data available, Reski aims at converting the surrounding information into valuable knowledge through smart algorithms which conveniently filter and display the needed knowledge to the user. We aim to provide smart AR solutions to improve productivity, efficiency and Safety while lightening the cognitive burden.

Interested in us building a rapid prototype or do a feasibility study on a augmented reality project of yours? Feel free to contact us!

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